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For 25 years, Ben hasbeen performing an act that is filled with both glamour and humor.  
This show has all the fun of Ben's solo comedy magic show but with the addition of a two person finale that really brings the WOW factor.
You may choose between two special finales:  
‘The Trunk Trick’ finale is a favorite. The Trunk Trick is a very funny, high energy, finale that involves a beautiful assistant, a steamer trunk, the Lone Ranger theme, and a comedy of errors! Ben attempts to recreate a Houdini illusion - and the laughs are on him.  
The Trunk Trick  
This is Ben's signature comedy routine, "The Trunk Trick".  
You may also choose:  
‘Cutting A Spectator In Half’ which is a fun series of surprises. An unsuspecting volunteer is prepped to become a new magic assistant for the show and then finds out she is to be cut in half. Laughter becomes amazement when we actually pull this off. You will not believe your eyes!  
The Cutting a Lady in Half Trick  
Here's an optional special finale to Ben's stage show, Cutting a Spectator in Half!  
The Special Finale show is 65—70 minutes long (can be any length up to 80 minutes). Ben provides his own sound system. He can also provide backdrops and and a small lighting system when needed.  
>The Trunk Trick may have some special staging considerations.  
Open a PDF info sheet on the staging requirements for The Trunk Trick by clicking here: Special Finale Show Info Sheet  
To get even more WOW to your event,look into adding STROLLING MAGIC. Ben offers a 2nd magician who will perform strolling magic for the social hour prior to the dinner. This has proven to be great warm up for the evening. Having two different magicians is an easy way to make your event seem bigger.  
And don't forget to check out the TIPS AND IDEAS page for some advice on using MAGIC! as your event theme.  

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