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Over the span of Ben Ulin's career, he has spent a great deal of time both on stage and on air. Here are some of Ben Ulin's featured television performances over the years.  
Click on these headings for details of Ben's Television highlights:  
Family FunZone - KDSM TV
The Fox 17 Kids Club - KDSM TV
Magic Christmas In Iowa - KDSM TV
Children's Miracle Network Telethon
In Full Swing - IPBN TV
The Comedy Shop - IPBN TV
Funniest Person In America Contest- SHOWTIME TELEVISION  
Not listed here are the guest performances, commercials, training videos, and media awards. You can download a .pdf of Ben Ulin's complete television resume here:  
Ben Ulin's Television Resume  
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FAMILY FUNZONE - KDSM Television - 1991  
Directed and Produced by Dan Nannen
Viewing area - Iowa and surrounding states
Filmed at Adventureland Amusement Park - Des Moines, Iowa
Major sponsor - Fareway Food Store
Host, writer, game designer - Ben Ulin
This was a game show where two family teams competed for prizes by answering trivia and playing silly, messy games.  
THE FOX 17 KIDS CLUB - KDSM TV - 1989 through 1992  
Directed and Produced by Dan Nannen
Viewing area - Central Iowa
Filmed at KDSM TV Studios and locations around Des Moines, Iowa
Host - Ben Ulin  
This children's programming ran as commercial length segments between cartoon programs in both the morning and afternoon. The content consisted of crafts, contests, magic tricks, special guests, on-location interviews, birthday announcements, and prize give-aways. A special segment called, Kids Club Weather won the 1991 Electronic Media Award for Television Under $1000.
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Directed and Produced by Dan Nannen
Viewing area - Central Iowa
Filmed at locations around Iowa
Actor, co-writer - Ben Ulin
This television movie was about a young girl learning about the spirit of giving. After being teased about a homemade gift for her parents, she has a dream about meeting a magical person who takes her in a magical sleigh to several places in Iowa to experience various christmas traditions.  
Produced by Jane Champion
Viewing area - Iowa
Filmed at locations around Children's Hospital of Iowa in Iowa City
Co-Host, performer - Ben Ulin  
This telethon combined televised segments from both national and state organizations to make appeals for donations. In Iowa, news personalities from various television stations around the state hosted and did live interviews. Ben Ulin was chosen by KDSM TV to represent Des Moines as a co-host.  
IN FULL SWING - Iowa Public Television - 1989  
Viewing area - Iowa
Filmed at the Iowa Public Television Studio- Johnston, Iowa
Host - Ben Ulin  
This featured high school and collegiate swing choirs from around the state; Four different hour long shows.
THE COMEDY SHOP - Iowa Public Television - 1986, 1987, 1988  
Directed and produced by Doug Brooker
Viewing area - Iowa
Filmed at the Spaghetti Works Comedy Club - Des Moines, Iowa
Host - Ben Ulin  
This was a taping of various comedians doing their act at the Spaghetti Works Comedy Club in downtown Des Moines. There were four different shows, each featuring three comedians. As the host, Ben Ulin performed a comedy magic routine to open each show and then performed various skits between each act to introduce them.  
A quote from the thank you letter Ben received:  
"You were the ideal host, adapting to the television medium smoothly and presenting a humorous, highly polished image to the audience. You were great to work with."  
Doug Brooker - Executive Producer, Special Events  
FUNNIEST PERSON IN AMERICA CONTEST - Showtime Television- 1985  
Produced by Showtime Television
Viewing area - National
Footage from video tapes sent in
State Winner - Ben Ulin  
Showtime was looking for the funniest person in America. Comedy clubs around the country held competitions and sent video tapes of the winners' acts. Ben Ulin entered the local competition in a Sioux City comedy club and won. After viewing the local competition videos, Showtime announced Ben Ulin as the state winner, giving him the title of the, "Funniest Person In Iowa". Ben received a trophy, sweatshirt, and official letter from Herb Scannell, Manager of Promotions.  
Ben was then contacted and told he was being considered as one of the finalists who would compete in the aired special for the title of Funniest Person in America. He was one of the five top choices. He was finally ruled out because he was a comedy magician and they felt that traditional monologist comedians were more appropriate for this event.  

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