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Ben Ulin is one of the most versatile entertainers in the Midwest, with experience in nearly every type of family setting from company events to church dinners to family parties to school shows to amusement parks to television and public appearances  
It can be challenging to find entertainment that will appeal to all ages.  
Ben’s uses magic tricks and smart humor to create situations that are funny to both young and old alike. This is family appropriate fun where the adults don’t feel like they’re just watching a children’s show.  
He has performed a magic show at Adventureland Amusement Park since 1988. It is currently the longest running amusement park magic show in history – 25 years!  
He was the host of the FOX 17 Kids Club television show for four years.  
The Solo Family Act  
Ben’s standard show is flexible enough to fit into almost type of any event. His comic antics and interactive routines will have ALL ages laughing and enjoying the fun.  
For Fundraisers, Town Festivals, and Larger Events…  
These shows combine Ben with other great Iowa magicians to create Variety Magic shows that will appeal to family events and help attract attendance.  
The Dueling Magicians  
Magicians Ben Ulin and Jonathan May perform a tag team style show, taking turns keeping the audience in stitches with their magic and comedy antics.  
Four different magicians take the stage and perform favorite routines from their personal acts. A unique mix of comedy magic, live birds, carnival magic, mindreading, and more - this show truly has something for everyone!  

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