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It can be challenging to find entertainment that appeals to all ages. Ben’s uses magic tricks and smart humor to create situations that are funny to both young and old alike. This is family appropriate fun where the adults don’t feel like they’re just watching a children’s show.  
With almost 25 years of experience performing for family audiences at Adventureland Amusement park, you are guaranteed a great show!  
Ben offers these family shows for both outdoor and indoor venues:  
Solo Family Magic Act  
This comedy-magic act uses both original and classic magic routines along with clean, intelligent humor. Ben creates hilarious and memorable situations with both children and adult volunteers who help make each performance unique and special. This show requires that at least 30% of the audience be children.  
Length: 45 minutes (can be any length up to 60 minutes).  
Ben brings his own sound system.  
Children's Show  
Ben also offers a child focused show that uses only children volunteers. His high energy fun will have the kids ‘rolling in the aisles’.  
Length: 35 to 45 minutes  

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